Watercolor Paint

I use almost exclusively all Holbein watercolor paints. I love how creamy they are, how easily they mix and how vibrant the colors are. These are professional artist quality watercolor paints but still more than affordable. If you are looking for paint, I highly suggest you try them out!

Watercolor Brushes

I use all Holbein Gold Round watercolor brushes. I know most painters use a combination of flats and rounds but I have found that I use all rounds for just about everything I do. Not only do I use these Holbein Gold brushes for everything I do, I suggest them for my students as well because they are more than affordable!

Watercolor Paper

For my paintings I use all 300lb cold press papers. I like that they don’t bend or warp and stand up to many more washes of color than lighter weight papers. I use Arches and Gemini mostly and prefer bright white. I use Cheap Joe’s Kilimanjaro 140lb for teaching classes because it is a superior paper for a good price.

Watercolor Palette

I like to use white ceramic plates as a palette better than a true watercolor palette. I am usually working on more than one painting at a time, so I can easily switch them in and out without wasting paint and having to remix colors. I keep all of my paints in little seal-able plastic paint cups so I can easily switch them out for different paintings and travel with only the colors I need.

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